The Transcendent Icon, Resplendent Quetzal project has educational objectives for both the general public and for specialists and their students. The teaching community will benefit from this Web site, on which we will offer curricular materials, including images in the public domain, and their multidisciplinary contextualization and explanation.
Biotopo Quetzal Lecture
The public can benefit from this project because it provides artistic, cultural, scientific, and visually significant insights that are readable and freely accessible to everyone over the Internet. Moreover, the project provides textual and visual information and the means to teach or explain it effectively at various educational levels: the general community, its educators, and their students throughout the country and the world. The national (and international) phenomenon that the project is dedicated to has been extraordinarily under-recognized despite its deep, enduring, and ongoing effect on shaping indigenous belief systems in the Americas, as a source of inspiration for art, architecture, and literature, and as a symbol of both beauty and freedom for 3,000 years.

The many scholarly disciplines that are central to this project have been generally characterized within three categories: art, culture, and science. They include archaeology, architecture, art, art history, conservation, cosmology, dance, economics and the history of currency, eco-tourism, environmental science, folklore, history, linguistics, literature, film, music, ornithology, plumaria (featherwork), political science, popular culture, religion, semiotics, song, television, textiles, video, and new media.

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